Books by Karrie Ross

Our Ever Changing World: Through the  Eyes of Artists: “What Are You Saving From Extinction?”

Layout 1Book One: exness (8.5 x 11 color) covers my thinking that artists “save” something from being forgotten. I thought this focus would be something everyone can relate to in today’s world of forever changing views, new technology, and global change. I noticed that artists work to bring something that is hidden into light. That their way of seeing our world opens us to new ways of being and thinking. Different perspectives help to bring about change.

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Our Ever Changing World: Through the  Eyes of Artists: “Couples and Collaboration.”

Layout 1Book Two:  (8.5 x 11 color) Spotlights couples and the way they collaborate. Is if just as a couple or as artists too? And how does this type of relationship function and affect their lives. When I hung the show I was very pleased to see how each couple complimented each other not only in being a couple but in the art they created.

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Our Ever Changing World: Through the  Eyes of Artists: “Artists, ART & Story: Southern California

cvrBook Four:  (5.5 x 8.5 black and white) Spotlights Southern California Artists their art and story. The focus of the book was to write a story, 500 to 1,000 words long and to share a life experience NOT related to or mention art in any way. As artists it seems we are always talking to and about our lives as artists. My intention was to help move the focus more to the history of the artist as a combination o f life experiences. We are more than our art… we are our story exness trading.

There are 90 artists and 280 pages to read through.

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My Hands Talking

Hands are more than just part of the body. They are masters of expression…of  thoughts, emotions and energy. They connect us by touch and by movement with the world around us.

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My Breasts Talking

My Breasts Talking by Karrie Ross; part of The Life Dialogue “My Breasts Talking” ™ is a book by Los Angeles author/fine artist Karrie Ross. “If your body could speak, what would it say?” is what author/fine artist Karrie Ross answered when asked “Why she wrote the book?”

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 My Trees Talking…. and they were speaking Haiku!

My Trees Talking by Karrie Ross

I love trees so I went deep inside and found my own connection. “If your tree could speak, what would it say?”  Trees are all around us. They are alive. “Hug a tree!” we’re told… and we do exness trade.

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